Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello, Germany!

Germany Travel Guide - with Wired Destinations

I've been doing a lot of housekeeping and tweaking on my blog, as one is wont to do at the beginning of a new venture, and while doing so have been checking the viewership statistics.  While I'm sure many of the hits are me (despite telling Blogger not to count my visits) there is one location that I am quite positive is not me.  I am not the one visiting from Germany.  But, to whoever is coming to see what's going on in Liberty Corner all the way from Germany I say, "Guten tag," and "dankeshon!"

I know one person who lives in Germany, a friend I met in 7th grade who was born there and moved back for graduate school.  I know the odds of my German visitor being Pinky are not great but just in case -- are you thinking what I'm thinking?  If you're not Pinky, please feel free to ignore that question.

I regret that I know little about Germany, really.  I know, of course, of it's involvement in both World Wars and the Berlin Wall.  I also know, vaguely, that it is the land that has given the world incredible minds, music, architecture, cars, and (of course) Bavarian chocolate.  I also know that many of the truly breathtaking castles of the world are in Germany.  I could rattle off a few names or specific events, but that would mean little and could just as easily have come from Wikipedia.  But now your visit has whet my curiosity and I will see what else I can add to this pathetically short list of German culture.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please come back regularly!

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