Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Easter has never really been a big deal at my house.  We're not particularly religious and we don't have any little ones around for the Easter Bunny to make a special trip to visit.  Still, apparently the wascally wabbit decided to drop by early this morning to ruin my diet.  Darn bunny.

Still, he was very creative about where to "hide" his gifts.  My favorite, though, I didn't notice till after breakfast -- on the very clever little dinner table piece my dad made.  I wonder if that was his whole intention for the table all along.

We also have a stack of styrofoam egg cartons for recycling (we have friends who have chickens), so naturally, there was a cute, pastel dozen there as well.  I made sure to eat them all today so I didn't have any temptation tomorrow or later in the week.

So for all of you who celebrate Passover and/or Easter in the religious and/or secular traditions, I hope you had a very happy holiday.  For anyone else, I hope you had a lovely spring day!

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