Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've done it!  I've reached my goal!  Okay, one of them -- there are several more, of course -- but I still reached it!

I've never been able to run.  I mean never.  In school we'd always have to run the mile for P.E. twice a year (at the beginning and the end of the semester as a measure for how much we'd improved) and I was always at the back of the pack.  Had to walk at least half of it because I couldn't breathe.  My asthma was diagnosed, finally, in high school so I at least had an excuse and an inhaler to try to help, but it didn't change the fact that I could never run the full mile.

...Until yesterday!  I've been slowly building up to jogging a full mile, but in separate halves.  I'd walk a bit to warm up, then jog for 6 minutes, then walk a faster pace for 10, then jog another 6 minutes, then cool down.  Yesterday I decided I wasn't going to stop at 6 minutes -- I wanted to see how long I could go.  I figured I'd get to about 8 minutes before I had to stop.  I made it the full 12 minutes, which at 5 mph is a mile is a full mile, without stopping!  First time in my life I've run a full mile without a break.  I am so unbelievably proud of myself!

Of course, I may have jumped the gun a little bit, because my ankle was already feeling a bit bruised and yesterday it was a little swollen.  I was hobbling around like a big baby yesterday at work.  Today I'm armed with Icy Hot Cream and an ACE bandage, but I'm not sure I'll be able to properly work out.  I did some yoga and stretches this morning without dying, but walking on it still hurts.  I think I'll take it easy today and see if I can make my ankle happy again.

Tomorrow, though, back on track!

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